Aberdeen Docks

Kings and Barnhams Automation work with many companies both locally and nationally in the field of process control. The end customer for this project was one of the UK’s leading waste management companies. K&B worked with another local firm G.A. Williamson Electrical Services who carried out the installation of our control panel on site. The project was for a Quay Tank Farm in the Aberdeen Port.

There were four 17.5 metre high tanks, each tank is able to hold 1555 barrels of liquid which to pumped from vessels that have collected the load from off-shore rigs. This liquid is then processed and taken away by road tankers for recycling.

The project consists of a 15” Human Machine Interface (HMI) interfaced with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the main control panel, which allows the plant to be monitored by the operator.

Each of the four tanks then had its own control panel for operating the valves.

The tank panel contains a PLC which will be able to accept the 4 x 4-20mA analogue output from the Radar sensors mounted into the top of each tank and the 4 x high-level signals from the fork type sensors also mounted into the top of each tank.

The 4-20mA signals will then be used to display the real-time levels of all the tanks graphically on the HMI touchscreen. We used the signals from the high-level fork sensors to trigger an alarm that will turn on a sounder and flashing beacon to alert on-site personnel.

The HMI is also interfaced with a PC housed in the site office which enables the site supervisors/managers to monitor the system as if standing in front of the control panel. The control system and software offer great flexibility as additional routes and sequences can be added or changed easily at a later date by our software engineers. Our Automation team can even offer assistance from our office in Hingham as we can monitor and adjust the HMI and PLC software remotely in the event of any problems or breakdowns.


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