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PLC, HMI & SCADA Software Solutions

Kings and Barnhams Automation is one of the largest process control and automation system integrators in the East of England with over twenty years of experience in software engineering for industrial applications. Our software engineering capabilities allow us to deliver turnkey and bespoke PLC, HMI and SCADA software solutions to all major industries and in accordance with modem software engineering methods. Our knowledge and extensive experience in industrial software development is what distinguishes us from the competition.


Programmable Logical Controllers (PLCs)

The experience level of our engineers allows us to produce high quality, reliable and efficient programs in all programming languages, defined under IEC 61131-3 standard, for all main PLC manufactures:

  • Rockwell Automation – from large Allen Bradley ControlLogix and GuardPLC safety control systems to small CompactLogix and SmartGuard control systems including economical MicroLogix and Micro800 series PLCs;
  • Siemens – from basic S7-1200 to advanced S7-1500 PLCs;
  • Schneider Electric – Modicon Quantum, Premium and M340 programmable logical controllers for large and medium industrial applications;
  • Omron – NX7/ NJ series machine automation controllers designed to meet extreme control requirements, compact G9SP and modular NX-S programmable safety controllers as well as economical but high performance CP1, CJ1, CJ2 and CS1 PLCs;
  • Mitsubishi – MELSEC series programmable logical controllers.

 Furthermore, we can offer legacy PLCs migration/ modernisation services for enhanced reliability, diagnostic and improved maintenance of control systems.


Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

Kings and Barnhams Automation capabilities in modern industrial systems software development allows to deliver complete SCADA and HMI solutions by utilizing the latest industry standards and technologies. Our SCADA and HMI solutions are scalable, fully integrated and tailored to meet specific operational needs. We can develop and deploy ergonomic and highly functional SCADA/ HMI systems using the following software packages:

  • Schneider Electric – CitectSCADA, Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform supervisory control software for operations and management of industrial control systems;
  • Siemens – SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal to configure nearly all SIMATIC operator devices and SIMATIC WinCC V7 for more complex SCADA applications;
  • Omron – CX-Supervisor, NA and NB series HMIs;
  • Mitsubishi – GOT HMIs and MC Works64 supervisory control software.
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