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Quarry Works

Kings and Barnhams have specialist engineers trained and qualified to carry out installation works and testing on Quarries and Landfill sites.

On this project the customer wanted to use its existing plant to process aggregate excavated from a new site on the opposite side of the B1146 Dereham to Fakenham road in Norfolk. This would keep cost down for the customer by eliminating the expense involved in planning and relocation of the existing plant.

The solution was to install a conveyor system from the new excavation site that would pass underneath the B1146 road to the existing plant on the other side.

This required the installation of a conveyor system totalling 1750 metres, consisting of 3 individual conveyors each measuring 900 metres, 600 metres and 250 metres in length.Kings and Barnhams Automation manufactured and installed 3 control panels to control each conveyor, one conveyor belt controlled by a 75KW Inverter another by a 22KW Inverter and the remaining conveyor by a 22KW soft start.

All the conveyors were interlinked to ensure that if any one conveyor was to stop or become faulty then the others would stop to prevent aggregate being transferred onto a stationery belt.

This was further added by the connection of sensors to monitor rotation of the conveyor belts and ‘Bung up’ of product.

Kings and Barnhams Automation also installed a safety pull cord system monitored by safety relays along the entire length of the conveyor system to ensure protection of personnel in an emergency.

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