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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting has come along way from candlelight to incandescent, Fluorescent to LED, and the systems that operate these lamp technologies from stand-alone to self-test systems. Talk to us today about your application or upgrade.

Where it Began

Established in 1946, Kings and Barnhams are an independent, family-owned business delivering a personal service to our clients throughout East Anglia and the UK ever since.

Our specialist team has been involved in the lighting industry for over a quarter of a century, covering all aspects of lighting from today’s digital lighting controls, energy efficient systems to older system types using standard switch start conventional gear and high-frequency fluorescent lamp gear.

We also specialise in all aspects of Emergency Lighting from standalone to self-test.  You can be assured we have all the systems covered.

Kings and Barnhams are able to deliver qualified and trusted advice to our commercial and domestic customer throughout Norfolk and East Anglia.

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Our Emergency Lighting Services

What is Emergency Lighting

An Emergency Light is a battery-backed light source that switches on automatically when a buildin...

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Modes of Operation

Modes of Emergency operation Maintained mode: Unswitched This luminaire in which the emergency...

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Are you at Risk ?

Are you a business owner Are you meeting the required standards for Emergency Lighting?  If the ...

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Non Compliance

The owner of a hotel in Yorkshire, England has been fined £50,000 for the safety offences, includ...

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Where should Emergency Lighting be found

The Fire safety Order 2005 and BS5266 Standards state that Emergency Lighting is needed in the fo...

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Normal Lighting

Our unique range of normal lighting products helps our customers bring up to date their current s...

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Emergency Lighting products

 Our unique range of quality designed emergency products helps us maintain our reputation as an ...

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Self Test Emergency Lighting

Self-test Emergency Lighting. The unique intelligence of the Emergency Luminaire control gear wi...

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Emergency Lighting a legal requirement.    Answer: The Industry Committee for Emergency Li...

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why use LED

Why use LEDLED Lighting is different to most other light sources such as Metal Halide, Sodium or ...

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