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why use LED

Your better choice for all lighting applications. Let's go LED today.

Why use LED
LED Lighting is different to most other light sources such as Metal Halide, Sodium or SON,
Incandescent lamps and Compact Fluorescents.
This is because an LED emits light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and
diffusers that can keep the lighting trapped.
LED Lighting is up to 80% more efficient. 95% of the energy in an LED is converted into light and
the remaining small amount makes up the wasted energy in heat loss.
LED Lighting gives off very little ultraviolet light unlike fluorescents which emit large amounts into
the atmosphere.
When considering the options of replacing your existing lamp source you need to look at the
benefits and the cost of ownership.
LED Lighting can have triple the life expectancy of a traditional lamp, reduce running costs, plus the longevity of
the product is heavily improved.
LED Lighting will operate without any deterioration of the light source in hotter and colder environments
than any other lamp source making it a keen favourite for wider applications.
LED Lighting is better for dimming applications, ideal for frequent switching due to there almost zero
warm up periods unlike many other lamp sources that require a warm up before they are at their
full operating performance.

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